2024 Europhoton Conference Topics

Solid State Lasers (SSL):
Novel laser material concepts. Growth, characterisation, and spectroscopic investigations of solid-state laser materials. Rare-earth-ion and transition-metal-ion lasers. Upconversion, tunable, and ultrafast solid-state lasers. Second and higher harmonic generation and optical parametric conversion of solid-state lasers. Modelling of solid-state lasers and resonators. Demonstration of novel pump sources and resonator geometries. Thermal and thermo-optical effects in solid-state lasers. High-power, diode-pumped, and ultra-stable systems. Non-linear materials. Non-linear optical sources. Metrology applications. Optically-pumped semiconductor lasers. Mid-infrared sources and materials

Fibre and Waveguide Devices (FWD):

Novel fibre and waveguide concepts. Fibre materials, fabrication, and characterisation. CW and pulsed fibre lasers. Bragg-grating fibre lasers. Amplification in doped fibres. Waveguide fabrication and characterisation. Waveguide lasers and amplifiers. Rare-earth doped amplifiers. Raman amplifiers. High-power fibre and waveguide lasers. Power-scaling concepts for fibre and waveguide lasers. Ultrafast fibre and waveguide sources. Photonic crystal and fibre light sources. Waveguided broadband and super-continuum light sources. Non-linear materials. Non-linear optical sources. Microcavity lasers.

Half day special Symposium “Quantum-Photonics Technologies“:
· Quantum entanglement

· Integrated photonics
· Quantum logic
· Quantum information processors
· Quantum metrology
· Squeezed states
· Single photon generation/detection
· Coherence manipulation

There has be a strong Investment in Quantum-Photonic technologies research for some years, with many flagship programs having built up momentum in developing new techniques and systems to exploit quantum phenomena. In this special symposium on Quantum-Photonics technologies, we look forward to exploring topics covering integrated photonics, quantum entanglement, quantum logic and information processors, squeezed states, quantum metrology, single-photon generation and detection and coherence manipulation.

2024 Europhoton Summer School

The conference includes a one-day and a half Summer School to be held from Sunday 25 August (afternoon) to Monday 26 August (all day) 2024. PhD Students and Postdocs who have paid the conference fee are especially invited to attend the Summer School. They will receive free entrance to the Summer School. The lecture program will be presented by lecturers who are internationally renowned in their research subjects. It will give students a chance to get introduced into various laser related subjects, covering the basics up to the latest research results. 

2024 Summer School Speakers:

Fatih Ömer IldayRuhr Universität Bochum, Germany

Almantas GalvanauskasMichigan University, USA

“30 years of PPLN – what is old, what is new, and where next for PPLN and QPM material research”
Peter Smith
University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Beat NeuenschwanderBerner Hochfachschule, Burgdorf, Switzerland

Srirang ManoharUniversity of Twente, The Netherlands

6th Speaker to be confirmed soon


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