Industrial Talks at Europhoton 2020

Europhoton 2020 schedules a series of industrial talks to take place on Thursday 3 September 2020. The descriptions of the companies are given below. Download programme.



EKSPLA is manufacturer of solid state lasers, laser systems and optoelectronics for basic research and industrial applications

Overview of company EKSPLA and products offered
Giedrius Kudaba, EKSPLA, Vilnius, Lithuania 

EKSPLA was established in the year 1992. Since then, EKSPLA had delivered a wide range of lasers and laser set-ups for science and industry. The company’s products are successfully installed for many applications, some of them are specially tailored. One of the examples is the NL740 laser for LIDT application.

Website: https://ekspla.com/

logo iXblue Photonics

iXblue photonics is a global high-tech company specializing in the design and manufacturing of advanced photonics technologies. We produce LiNbO3 modulators and their matching components, turn-key and ease to use modulation solutions, fibres, FBGs… Our solutions are dedicated to laser, from oscillator to high power, and from ground to space.

Overview on iXblue Photonics and focus on ModBox-FrontEnd Solution”
Hervé Gouraud, iXblue-Photonics, Besançon, France

Website: https://photonics.ixblue.com/

LC logo RGB

Light Conversion
The key drivers at LIGHT CONVERSION are consistency, the persistent quest for corporate goals, close attention to clients’ needs, and an assurance of the exclusive quality of the products developed by the company. We have been developing technologies that alter the worlds of science and industry. Using our knowledge, experience, and leading position, we strive for perfection and continued growth.

Recent advancements in OPCPA front-end design and manufacturing
Valdas Maslinkas, Light Conversion, Vilnius, Lithuania

OPCPA is state-of-the-art technique for producing powerful ultrashort light pulses for advanced scientific applications. We present user-tailored front-end setups that exploits reliability, compactness and stability of the mature femtosecond DPSS laser system (PHAROS), to produce broadband multi-μJ pulses ideal for seeding OPCPA or independently driving multiple spectroscopic application.

Website: http://lightcon.com/about-us.html

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