Europhoton 2020 will take place virtually from Sunday 30th of August to Friday 4th of September 2020 using the Zoom platform.

Instructions for oral presenters / Summer school speakers

Summer schools will be featured as a virtual Zoom meeting. All other oral sessions will be featured as a webinar Zoom meeting where all contributors will receive a time slot to respect within the session. All speakers are asked to check-in with the session presider in the virtual room ten minutes before the session begins. At the end of their talks, speakers will be asked to answer questions. The session chair will read live questions according to the amount of time left within the time slot.

Keynote, invited and summer school presentations will be webcasted in live. To anticipate potential technical transmission issue in live presentations, keynote, invited and summer school speakers are requested to provide a pre-recording of their presentation one-week prior the conference begins, by Monday 24th of August 2020), which would be used as a back-up.

Concerning oral presentations, pre-recordings will be used exclusively and webcasted. The template provided is not mandatory, but contains essential instructions to prepare an adequate pre-recorded video. Deadline to submit: Monday 24th of August 2020.

Duration of the presentations:
Keynote: 38 minutes live presentation + 7 minutes live for discussion.
Invited: 25 minutes live presentation + 5 minutes live for discussion.
Oral: 12 minutes pre-recorded presentation + 3 minutes live for discussion
Summer school: 2x 45 minutes live streaming with ½ hour break in-between
Industrial talks: 10 minutes pre-recorded presentation + 3-5 minutes live for discussion).

See template and instructions. Download possible Europhoton background

The video recording file or link to access the recording needs to be sent via an online form. In this form, authors also have the possibility to add Twitter, YouTube, … links.

Recording recommendations:

  • Use good microphone in a room without echo to record a clear voice.
  • The main window should be used for the PPTs. The personal face can appear in sub-window or appear in the main window for short periods. The personal appearance is not obligatory.
  • The video quality should be good enough for screen showing. The resolution of 1280 x 729 or higher is recommended.
  • The size of the video file should be kept under 30MB. Otherwise streaming speed for viewers will be slow.

Upload my oral presentation.

Instructions for poster presenters

Poster presenters are required to prepare a 3-page or 4-page (maximum) pdf file in landscape format. Each of these pdf poster pages should be easily readable on a laptop computer, emphasizing graphics and avoiding bulky text sections, as much as it is possible (i.e. not in a journal article style). See powerpoint template . See pdf result. See screen shot result.

In addition, poster presenters can provide an optional 3 to 5 minutes (maximum) video introducing the poster. See template and instructions. Download possible Europhoton background.

Both documents will be published on the conference website. Deadline to submit the material: Friday 21st of August 2020.

The required material (pdf file, optional video recording file or link to access the recording) needs to be sent via an online form. In this form, authors also have the possibility to add Twitter, Youtube, … links. Several video upload formats are available.

On the assigned day and time, each poster presenter will receive a virtual zoom room in the e-poster session. Questions and answers will occur during the e-poster session, which lasts 90 minutes. Poster presenters need to be present in their assigned room a few minutes prior the session begins. The link and password to access the e-poster sessions will be given in a separate email to all participants and poster presenters. Poster presenters will be able to directly talk with the people who also chose the same link and password as the poster presenter. Poster presenters will be able to share documents.

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