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1. Solid State Lasers
Novel laser material concepts. Growth, characterisation, and spectroscopic investigations of solid-state laser materials. Rare-earth-ion and transition-metal-ion lasers. Upconversion, tunable, and ultrafast solid-state lasers. Second and higher harmonic generation and optical parametric conversion of solid-state lasers. Modelling of solid-state lasers and resonators. Demonstration of novel pump sources and resonator geometries. Thermal and thermo-optical effects in solid-state lasers. High-power, diode-pumped, and ultra-stable systems. Non-linear materials. Non-linear optical sources. Metrology applications. Optically-pumped semiconductor lasers. Mid-infrared sources and materials

2. Fibre and waveguide Devices

Novel fibre and waveguide concepts. Fibre materials, fabrication, and characterisation. CW and pulsed fibre lasers. Bragg-grating fibre lasers. Amplification in doped fibres. Waveguide fabrication and characterisation. Waveguide lasers and amplifiers. Rare-earth doped amplifiers. Raman amplifiers. High-power fibre and waveguide lasers. Power-scaling concepts for fibre and waveguide lasers. Ultrafast fibre and waveguide sources. Photonic crystal and fibre light sources. Waveguided broadband and super-continuum light sources. Non-linear materials. Non-linear optical sources. Microcavity lasers.

3. Materials Processing: Emerging opportunities and requirements (half day Symposium)
Materials processing is the leading application for high-power lasers and a key driver for laser development. Whereas laser scientists may well be familiar with the requirements on the laser, they are often less familiar with the requirements on the processing itself, e.g.,  in terms of parameters relating to quality and speed. The symposium aims to present these requirements and highlight improvement trends in order to enable laser scientists to understand where and how improvements in lasers can contribute to improvements in processing.

The symposium welcomes submissions of regular papers on any type of lasers for materials processing, but submissions which  highlight processing quality are particularly welcome.



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